Unable to resubscribe/ add a new credit card

uh i finally got my dad to resubsribe but there was a problem it said purchase unsuccesfull
there was two purchasing methods card or internet provider(Vodafone)
The vodafone said purchase unsuccesfull
and the cards were outdated and then we couldnt add a new card it said try another number
Our prolem was simmilar to this but i dont know what happened to him


Hello! What device do you have? IF does not control purchasing methods, so you have to contact the respective store you are using’s support.
EDIT: look at @Maxim’s post.

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As Seb mentioned in the previous topic, Infinite Flight does not control payment methods and does not decide what gets accepted/declined. You’ll need to contact your respective store to have them look into it.




Ok will try

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