Unable to Restore Purchases


I have switched iPads, my iPad is an iPad Mini and it was almost unplayable on Infinite Flight, so I switched to my mums iPad Mini in hope it would be better, its amazing! Anyway, I signed into live and pressed restore purchases, i have all the maps and planes, so i thought i would get everything back. I didnt :( I have none of them!

Is there any way I can get them back without paying for them all again. I had to buy the 777 again becuase I love to fly it. image

Sign in to your account where it says live then press restore purchases. I had the same problem

i think you will need to have the same Apple ID on both iPads for this to work.

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I have logged in, i have got Live to work. Im on the same apple id and even icloud. Its basically a reset ipad with all my details on now.

Try to ask Matt or Philippe

Devs need OS info, and other technical details

iPad Mini - iOS 8.4.1 - Latest IF Version

iTunes (all app stores actually) require that the exact same store ID is used for any purchase to be installed on another licensed device.
Apples iTunes Family Share does not allow for sharing of IAPs.
The iTunes App Store has a wonky procedure for downloading purchases made on a different device, even though both use the very same store account ID.
They force you to verify purchases in a manner that appears as though they will charge you. However accepting the purchase will result in a second follow message from iTunes that tells the user they already bought the item and can download again for free.
You cannot be charged again for anything unless you sign in with a different store ID, had been refunded or used Family Share.