Unable to Restore Purchases

I bought aircraft a while back and have been attempting to redownload them. I tried last week and it wasn’t working so I left it and when I try again today it doesn’t work. I have attached a picture below of the message I get, all help is appreciated!

Are you logged into the account you purchased the aircraft on? If not, please make sure you are logged in.


Please do the following:

Close IF
Restart device
Restart IF
Press ‘Restore Purchases’ again

Report back on results

Yes, it recognises the account

I’ll restart my device

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That doesn’t work, the same message is coming up

Are you signed in with the same Apple-ID you were as when you purchased the app?

Because that message comes from iOS, not Infinite Flight and indicates you are not.


Yes, when I press sign in it also shows the account I used.

He is talking about the App Store account aka Apple ID, let’s say you used your parents one to install the app and now you are on yours.

I know, I said I am

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You have to be signed in :)

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Ah, but it asks me to buy pro before signing in. I want to use aircraft previously purchased separately from subscription.

Now we’re talking two different things :)

You are talking about sign in/accounts in Infinite Flight. This have nothing to do with that.

This is because you are not signed in with the correct Apple-ID in iTunes/App Store.


That’s weird I’ve checked that I’m signed in to the same account and I am. I’ve tried on my other devices and it comes up with the same thing.

Then it’s not the same Apple-ID as you used when you purchased the app. That’s the reason.

It must be an issue on Apple’s side as I have checked with my parents and it’s is the same account.

Could be, yes. Unfortunately we’re not able to look at it closer as Apples systems aren’t as open for us as one would want.

I recommend you contact Apple for further assistance.

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Ok, thank you.