Unable to respond to ATC command, resulting in level 2 vio

hello! yesterday, I was receiving vectors into YMML, and I received the instruction to turn to heading 340. I did miss this message, and I got a “please follow instructions” warning. that would be fine and dandy, however it did not let me find, or reply to the message containing the 340 vector, so I had no idea I needed to turn to that heading. and it resulted in a level 2 violation. also I did not know I had a 340 vector until I had to check the replay.

so, TL;DR, I made a mistake, but a bug or design flaw made my unable to correct it in time before getting a vio.

device: 2021 iPad Pro
IOS 17

(im also seeing if this is a bug or not)

Please contact appeals in a polite manner. Have your replay ready because they may ask for it.

I did have an appeal, but was denied since I did receive the message, this is more of a bug report so this can be prevented

Hey there!

Double-tapping the messages (on the right side of the ATC window) in-flight will filter the messages between yourself and ATC. Additionally, the instructions you’re given are available in the top right corner of the same ATC window - displaying ---- if there’s no instruction for the particular parameter (heading, altitude, speed, assigned runway), or whatever your assigned parameter is.

Even if you don’t read back the instruction given, but still abide by it, you should not be reported.

oh, I didn’t know that, that is actually really helpful, thank you!