Unable to renew subscription

Hello there!

I have currently $10.06 in my Google Play and it did not renew today for $9.99. I have tried to restart my phone and the issue still persist.

Samsung Galaxy S8


Is there any tax for this?

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Btw, I tried to enter a server and it stills work.


Taxes depends on states, countries etc etc. But in the end, the only one really able to answer this is Google or the ones responsible for your payment method.

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Yes there is. Not sure if this helps any but when I bought my subscription, my tax came to $4.75. That was for the $49.99 subscription. Might be a bit less with the 10.

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10.6768125 rounded up to $10.68, my only way to get there is Google Opinion Reward and I will try it.


I have never had to pay tax on iTunes. Is this just a android thing?

No, as i said; :)

Some includes it in the price, some adds it on top of it.

Ahh thank you! I guess Maryland does not tax on in-app purchases then.


Take a look in here, Maryland is in there.

I believe our tax is somewhere around 5.5% here in Minnesota but I might be wrong

Take a look here, too.