Unable to remove RSVP and calendar notification on this forum

Hi all,

Recently I indicated on this forum that I was interested in attending a fly out event. It’s been over a week since the event but I still receive notifications for it (with a calendar icon by the side). Strangely, the date for the event (as seen at the bottom with the ability to view various time zones) is stated as today, and time lasting only one minute.

Another issue is that I tried to remove my “interested” status for the event by pressing it again, but was unable to find a way to remove it. I can only press “going”, “interested” or “not going” - I cannot unselect either option.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all!

Try muting the topic! All the way down, at the bottom of the topic you find a bell with various options, mute it through there :)

I’ve had this issue as well, even when I mute the topic it still sends me a notification that the event is tomorrow which is getting a bit annoying.

Will try, thanks mate

Hope it will be fixed!

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