Unable to relog into my account (Facebook privacy update)

Ive had multiple game crashes today on IF so Ive tried to troubleshoot with cache clear,device management and now reinstalling. After I reinstalled I had to log in through Facebook and Facebook was saying IF doesnt have safe credential. After I entered my correct login details I got an Error 04 message saying my account doesnt exist. I retried logging in thinking it may have been an error with entering my password or with Facebook but then I got this message on screen.

Currently I am still unable to log in. Not sure if this is what is also causing IF to crash repeatedly for me (3 times today compared to 1 time since Global release) needing help with all of this.

Edit: I tried again and got Error Code 05 and this message from Facebook.

Looks like Facebook is limiting IF access to user data that started on Saturday. Anyone else that uses Facebook for IF login should not log out or you will have this happen. The issue that IF isnt using a secure enough connection for Facebook. I can confirm that this is not an issue with my wifi as my wifi uses a secure and private connection. Not public. Also tried again on my LTE and the same thing happened so it is not the connection on the user’s end.

Umm, I think we need mod to see this. I think I need to tag a mod.

It looks like Facebook is now requiring HTTPS for logins which is a security system that protects your personal information better because of their recent hacking of 50 million users. The developer team will be aware of this issue soon as it is still nighttime where they are at right now in England. I’m afraid you won’t be able to login tonight until the developer team gets hands on with this issue tomorrow.


Thanks for the update. Im expecting this is the reason why my app was crashing as IF couldnt verify that I had a global subscription and would block my account access to the Global Server. Unfortunately this would happen while already logged in.


We’re working on this issue.
Sorry for the inconvenience!

When can we log into the game again?? I saw that not every user is affected!

It should be partially fixed not that long ago.
Could you please try with Facebook now?

Same situation, https error and afterwards if is telling me that i didnt have an account

My friend had the same problem. When I spoke to Laura at flight sim show 2018 she said she worked on it but still had problems

We know.
She managed to get Facebook running during the night, partially. New accounts can’t be created using Facebook but already existing ones should work.


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