Unable to reject assigned runway?

I was departing from KORD on the expert server, and the ATC was a member of IFATC (which I think it one of the professional ones).

He assigned me 27L (~8000ft length), but I was very heavy and needed 28R (~13000ft length) which ATIS allowed. I re-requested taxi to 28R, he warned me not to send duplicated messages. I taxied on my own to 28R, he threated to ghost me if I didn’t follow his instruction.

Same thing happened before at KSFO, I was heavy and needed 28L/R, the ATC assigned me 1L.

What should I do, takeoff from a short runway and crash?

This really depends. You may have to increase your throttle and the flap position. This is only advised if you are over MLW (Maximum Landing Weight).

Do you know the name of the controller? We can tag him and you could talk to him personally via message.

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It’s not an unreasonable request. Shoot me the controller’s name and I’ll discuss it with him/her. We make it a priority to accommodate the needs of pilots as necessary.


MLW = maximum landing weight.

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Was your callsign All Nippon 9014 and display name CN-momo? I was wishing to talk to you as well. 🙂

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When you say this depends, do you know what the criteria is? E.g. ATIS states take-off is allowed from the requested runway, the route to the runway requested is suitable/doesn’t impede anybody and taking off doesn’t impede any incoming/airborne traffic, whats the conditions to reject take off from that runway?

Sorry, did assume you were ATC from your reply.

Yes it was me, I bet you were the controller.

I’ll PM you 😉


Continued via PM 😊