Unable to Reinstall App

I tried reinstalling new version, I could not, app. store removed my widget( icon )…unable to restore purchase. Can you help?

Hmm, that’s odd. Can you go ahead and shutoff your device then turn it back on and try again for us? Make sure you are signed into the App Store or Play Store with the correct credentials.

Are you on the account that you purchased it on?

I agree, that’s interesting.

Did you purchase it recently?

Because, If you purchased it recently, it may have automatically been refunded.

@Pro_FS let’s hang tight and see if it’s just an App Store error. :)

Yes, still can’t download, my subscription expires March 22, it keeps asking for payment.

Maybe you owe the App Store. If you owe them they won’t let you download anything

Apple or Android?

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Just leave it to Levet to deal with because comments like this just make it much more confusing especially when your providing incorrect information.

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Apple.ipad mini4 128gb, wifi…

Yup, @Levet will help, he the moderator here.

Okay, can you ensure that you are signed into the App Store and look in there to see your Infinite Flight purchase for us. Click on the App Store App, go to Apps, then click on your profile pic in the upper right corner, then tap on Purchases. You’ll have to scroll through and see if Infinite Flight is listed.

Yes I see my account, it expires Mar22, when I try to download IF, it’s states that this version is free, then it ask for account verification, then it states payment failed.

That’s your subscription, you need to go to Apps then purchases not purchases and subscriptions.

I dont need you to tell me what to do. he said he couldnt download.

Just tried the app, with a cloud/down arrow, keeps asking for payment

Take a screenshot of it so I can see.

I will keep trying, to make it work…thanks for suggestions

Is Family Sharing enabled on your device? This is the same iPad Mini you had back in November when we helped you in support right?