Unable to regain access to the ES after app crash

I was controlling EDDF for about an hour without any issues when one out of a couple app crashes lately happened again. I restarted the app and on the UI I switched to the TS for a couple of seconds to make the wrongfully blocked frequencies at EDDF (highlighted in green) disappear a bit faster. This has worked for me perfectly in the past.

However, the app now does not allow me back on the Expert Server, no matter how often I select “Expert” on the switch bar above the “free flight, missions, training and ATC” tiles - it just stays on “Training”. Strangely enough, switching between “Casual” and “Training” is possible.

For the record: I haven’t flown in numerous months now, hence I am currently Grade 1. Still this hasn’t barred me from controlling on the Expert Server even once - ever.
Some help/advice would be very much appreciated!

Device: Apple iPad Air (4th Gen) with Apple Pencil (2nd Gen)
iPadOS 17.3
Latest IF-Version available

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Getting the same here. No one responds to my messages and I am unable to reconnect to the expert server after restarting the app

Edited: I actually don’t have the same issue. But I can’t reconnect to ES


Hey there,

You’ve laid out the situation pretty clearly. I’m a bit puzzled about how the app granted you control over ES without meeting the requirements. Nonetheless, it appears that post-glitch, that access has been revoked, and now the only way forward is to regain Grade 3 status to restore access.

It’s common knowledge among us that having ES access is an absolute prerequisite to being a part of IFATC.

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Hi, thanks for your thoughts on this matter. However I disagree. Being able to control on the ES vs. meeting minimum requirements to actually fly on the ES are two different things, as far as I am concerned.

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Well, in that case, I’d suggest waiting for the staff or moderators to investigate your case. It’s a bit baffling to think you could control a server without having the necessary access – just throwing in a bit of common sense there.

In the meantime, please take a look at the IFATC requirements. There must be a reason behind them, after all.


The requirements you mentioned are in place to ensure minimum proficiency of applicants wanting to become IFATC - and are not entirely applicable for resident IFATC members, to my knowledge.

Fesa is correct here, Grade 3 is merely the requirement to join IFATC. Once you’re in, as long as you meet the activity requirements, nobody will throw a fit.

@fesa84, I believe there was a requirement at one point for Grade 2 to control on ES. Not sure if that has been fixed, I don’t believe it has.


This …. My friend really doesn’t help the OP in any way!

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Non IFATC explains IFATC how to join … that’s my taste of humor


Yes I remember that vaguely. However I was under the impression that they have - maybe I‘ll find something on that matter

EDIT: Maybe you’re right, the last log I could find regarding this was a DM from Tyler from October 2023, saying they’re working on a fix to that “known issue”.

Check members :)

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You need to be Grade 2 in order to control on Expert Server and obviously you have to be IFATC too :)
It isn’t any glitch, it’s intentional. Previously used to be Grade 1, now it’s Grade 2.

This is not true…


Basically the conclusion is neither IFATC or the pilots have any idea what they’re talking about

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I would just try to increase the grade and check if something changes…

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