Unable to redownload app and update

Hey all, when trying to redownload the app for the new update after the open beta it won’t allow me to do so. Below is evidence of this issue. If you need further information ask below :)

This image shows that I have purchased the app.

This image shows that I have a sub.

This shows that it’s already been bought.

This is the issue I receive when tapping on the redownload button.


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The error you are receiving at the end explains the issue quite thoroughly though :)

Have you changed Apple-ID or similar recently?

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It’s my Mum’s Apple ID as she bought it me in 2013 since I didn’t have a clue what anything like that was back then.

I use my current Apple ID but switch over whenever there is an update and have never had this issue so this is why I made a support topic.

Thanks :)

This is not something we are able to provide any assistance for really, given we have no control over the Apple-ID’s or restrictions.

But i would perhaps start with a device restart?

Ah ok. I’ve just tried a restart to no avail, are you able to see what Apple ID was used to purchase it just in case I’m using a wrong one?

No, we’re not able to see that unfortunately.

Ah ok. That’s a real shame. I’ll probably just purchase the app again since it’s only 0.99. Thanks for the help once more :)

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That is probably more worth it. Having everything on the same Apple-ID and not switching around :)

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