Unable to Record IF

Earlier this year, i remember making timelapses and videos but now, the record button doesn’t seem to work anymore. The message that pops up states
"Device Currently Not Supported" … My device is a Samsung J5 (2016) SM-J510GN Android 6.0.1 got any solution how i can fix this?

Doesn’t work on my device either: Galaxy S7 Edge.

I guess it just means what it says. It’s currently not supported.

Whats the part infinite Flight is about ?
Like time-lapse screen recording?

Has it worked before or once?

I only recently started so i’m not sure how it was a long time back. Sorry. But it hasn’t worked for me since I got it.

Does it allow you to screen record other things on your device?

It worked for me since i got IF tried on my friend’s phone and it works fine (Samsung S6)

Hi there! Could you try to to your phone’s main directory, and make a folder called ‘Movies’. The directory is the list of folders you see after you press ‘Device Storage’. Let me know if that works for you. :)

Other screen recorder apps work perfectly fine

Same! The record button worked for me before as well but isn’t working anymore. Using a Samsung S6 (2015).


Nah, i have it already

I don’t think it works on Android currently. I have an S8 and the same thing happens to me, but I can swipe up to see the home button. When you swipe and see the home button and other stuff you will also see at the bottom some gaming buttons. If you click that it will give you a number of options including to record your screen and that works perfectly fine. I don’t know if it works for other Android phones tho.

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Thank you for the report! We have fixed this issue and it will be returned to service on our upcoming update. Apologies for any inconvenience.