Unable to reconnect to live server

I’ve been flying for over 2 hour now and I can’t connect to the live server. It’s red.

Weather green
User account green
Global server green
API service green
Live server red.

I’m not shown on LF and can’t communicate with Unicom. I really don’t want to end this flight.
I have tried using data instead of wifi, still the same.
iPhone SE
iOS 11.1


Please update to the newest iOS (11.2.5) for the best results. Also, restart your router while you’re at it. Thanks!

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It didn’t seem on be coming back. I ended the flight and spawned at a nearby airport to continue my long haul. The connection is fine but I wouldn’t exactly say this is the solution.

Anyone else experiencing this issue lately?


It’s a long shot, but try turning Flight Mode ON for 30-60secs, then turn it off.


I did that earlier, about 30 seconds but didn’t reconnect.


Okay… how much of the flight do you have left?

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Oh, I’ve already ended it. Respawned at a close airport and continued.

Okay, sometimes it just restores itself…
Did you have it all the time?

Only happened on this flight.

Was thinking if you had it during your whole flight?

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Started about 20 minutes in.

Okay, i have absolutely no idea then. Especially if it worked when you re-spawned. :)


Yeah, it’s all good now.
I tried closing all background apps, airplane mode, changing from wifi to data network. It all didn’t work.

This also happened to me. I was 5 hours into my flight and had 12 hours left. It was disconnected for like 30 minutes in which case I turned on airplane mode for a few minutes, tried a VPN, switched WIFI connections and still nothing. I had to just end the flight. First encounter with this…

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