Unable to reconnect to Infinite Flight

Well, I know I’m not the first to explain this problem, I want to speak for my case, and give you as much information as I can.

The reason I’m making this topic today is that I’ve experienced this problem again, which totally annoys me, especially since I was in the middle of a flight between LFPG - KATL.

Having an Ipad 7 with the IOS 13.3.1 version, I’m used to load my tablet from 5% to prevent it from being damaged, after leaving the room where my tablet was, I realized 2 minutes later an Apple notification telling me that I had only 10% of battery left, since this notification blocked my game, it also made me disconnected from the multi-player network, however, my game was still open.
No matter how long I waited, restart my network, put myself in airplane mode, my game wouldn’t reconnect to the server, or even try.

Since it must be more than the 10th time it happens to me, whether it’s because of the battery or a temporary network loss, the game doesn’t want to reconnect to the live server even though I have a very good connection.

Do you have any advice or can you fix this problem please?


Has this ever happened before? If so do what you did to solve it.

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Try to disconnect your ipad from wifi and go to the home screen and return to the game. That works for me

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This has happened many times before, and the only choice I found was to leave the game.

I have already tried three times.

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Well, i have no more ideas for this problem, srry

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@schyllberg should be able to solve this.

How reliable/strong is your internet?

Let’s try some other things first…

How’s your internet connection? Is it stable? Or are you flying on cellular data?

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My connection is very good, I have 5 bars out of 5 all the time.

I use the network of my private box ( the name of the operator is free, French operator ).

Based on what you’ve done to try and fix the issue, I don’t think there is much to do other than restarting your device. If you would like to finish the flight you can, this would be offline and after awhile you will be kicked from the server. So it’s completely up to you.

I’ve done everything possible on my side, and as long as I’m not the only one with this problem, I’d like to see a check from Infinite flight to see if they can’t solve the problem for everyone.

If the app is interrupted by a notification or anything else, you will be disconnected from the live server. That’s way its important to have your device in do not disturb to prevent the app being interrupted, and don’t leave the app at any time, even if the app is closed for a few seconds it can cause this issue. Yes it’s possible to reconnect if you try basic steps as turning off your Wi-Fi or mobile data for a few seconds and trying again but that doesn’t always work. Plus I would advise to keep your device charging or has enough battery left for your flight.

Yes, thank you, I know I should leave the battery charged during a flight, but the problem also occurs if there is a power outage that lasts 30 seconds or a loss of connection.

That’s how the app works, like I said even 2-3 seconds can and does disconnect you from the live server. It does pay to check your own network configuration and ensure that its working properly, decent speed, latency test all of that. So you play the simulator using Wi-Fi? Have you tried it on a mobile data connection? Same results?

Hello @Zephyr ,

It is possible that your connection is disconnected or has been disconnected for too long and at that time the servers cannot reconnect.

Maybe you are currently not connected on a WIFI?
It is also possible that there is some problem with infinite flight but if this is the case it should come back.

You can also quit/return to the game, sometimes it bugs me like that and then when I come back it’s fine.

Here I hope I could help you.

Baptiste D.

Hey baba (I know you) I already left the game and came back on the flight, same mistake, no change! I would like to contact a staff because nothing works, while with other games, I have no problems to reconnect.

Ok lets take this item by item if you can because there has been a number of updates.

You can spawn and show up on live, correct?
When you spawn everything is fine but the live server connection? Correct?

It happened to me before, it doesn’t reconnect read the message it says because there was a message when it happened to me