Unable to Recognize Subscription

Hi Community, I’m back.
I just recently got a new phone (iPhone 8) and Installed Infinite Flight. I created a new account without realizing it, but then logged into my old account that I’ve used for years. Once I tried to subscribe to monthly sub, I was told this:

I clicked OK since that information is correct. But then, I was shown this:

I re-installed the app, but then was left confused and I figured the community might be able to help. :)

Have you tried to restore purchases?

Where do I go to do that? The app or the App Store?

I have noticed if I’m not mistaken once your subscribed to one account you can’t create another.Please correct me if I’m incorrect

So I guess I have to start over with this new account?

I had the same problem but I had one iPad that had infinite flight working properly so I just did an iCloud backup. I also would like to know how to solve this.

So will an iCloud backup solve the issue or is it still unsolved?

So, you want the sub to be on the new or old account?
I know the support team can transfer subscriptions from one account to another so don’t worry.

I would like the subscription to be on the ‘old’ one, yes.

Roger. And it’s stuck on the new one, you have two choices now.

  • Wait for Seb to get here and he will transfer the sub from New to old account(further details with him)
  • follow the steps here

I was helped like you

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Thank you very much for the help!

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He responded and told me to PM him. You can PM or email support from the link above.

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I’ll go ahead and PM Schyllberg the information :)

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make sure to include the display names and proof of subscription, hope it works out!

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It does if you have Infinite Flight working on another device