Unable to quote

As of recently (possiblely connected to IOS 12) I have not been able to quote on my IPad, my Android phone is still fine. It is still touching and holding till the whole “copy, paste, cut, etc.” menue comes up, but it never does, only on IFC…

IPad Mini 4, IOS 12, any solutions? Maby some settings I may have changed, or is everyone having issues?


I can still quote, but I’m sure the moderators will have an answer for you.

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Just checking this is from my phone so it is still working generally


I have been having trouble with quoting to. I think it’s iOS 12. Do you use your iPhone or iPad?

Edit: Quoting works on my phone, but not on my ipad

Hey there!
On my iPhone and iPad, both running iOS 12, I’m able to quote.
Here’s some questions…
• Have you tried closing the page completely and reopening?
• Have you restarted safari by closing it from the background and then reopening it? (Assuming you use Safari)
• Have you restarted your iPad?

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I’ve done all three for unrelated reasons the whole time I have had the issue, but I’ll try again later today…

Hmm, strange. Okay.

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I realize I made this topic at the worst possible time since I was leaving for school, which means I cant try any tips for like 6 hours… 😂

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I was told not to update to 12 because IF stopped working on my dads iPad.

Really? Which IPad? I have no problems with IF…

It is a iPad Pro.

I can confirm I have this issue too on my iPhone.

I think we need to see a video to see what you are pressing on. What device are you on?

I am on an IPad mini 4. Pressing on the text, same thing I do on my phone that works…

I made a video of me highlighting, copying/ pasting on other sites, and nothing happening on IFC, is that what you want @Chris_S?

You can quote someone’s post by using a little text-bubble icon when u reply, have you tried that yet?

Like this.

That’s what I can’t to, typically when you hold down on text as if to copy and paste, it comes up with a box that says quote, that never happens for me, nor can I copy from someone’s post (not that I would, that’s plagerisum, don’t do it kids, but you could before…)

Did u do that in the app or website?

It worked on my app and website. With IOS12

@Xpira, and @Nate_Schneller who both have the same issue, can you confirm if those are IOS 12 apple devices of some kind? It sounds like they are, but that is the only trend I see, especially since this started around when I updated, then again @MrMrMan, and @leon332157 do not have the issue…