Unable to put GPS coordinates in FPL

I’m trying to put 30N54, 34N50, 36N48, 42N39 and 47N30 in my FPL but when I search each coordinate individually doesn’t find anything. The only coordinate that works is 34N50. What am I doing wrong?


Cant have spaces or comas just copy and paste the coordinates

Here’s a tutorial for it.


Hi! Searching for coordinates and adding the one by one doesn’t work within IF. Instead, type them all as a sequence with a space in-between in the search bar, tap search, and the Add to flight plan and they should appear!

But it finds 34N50 when I search that individually so why can’t it find other coordinates?

I’ll do it simple for for!

When you get a GPS coordinate like this:
GPS N55°44.84’ W120°55.46

Take the first 2 whole numbers and add the letter to the end like this:


Then put a “/” then next 2 whole number the the letter at the end

Result: 5544N/12055W

This is the coordinate for IF: 5544N/12055W

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Probably because 34N50 is classified as a waypoint and not a coordinate in IF for some reason. You can search for waypoints but not coordinates, thus why it shows up. Seams to be a problem with 34N50 and thus it shows up when it shouldn’t

I just tried and it doesn’t work

You can’t put them one at a time. It needs to be part of a longer plan.

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I tried doing NZAA + coordinates + CYVR and it still doesn’t work. If someone is able to put these coordinates in a FPL please let me know.

do you have the whole GPS coordinate?

What do you mean by that? These are the coordinates from SkyVector and Simbrief.

in skyvector GPS coordinates look like this: GPS N55°44.84’ W120°55.46

The only coordinates that are accepted by IF are outlined in the tutorial linked above. Please look through it and try it out to see if that works

this is the FPL from Simbrief (NZAA - CYVR is the route)

I just tried it again using 3054N, 3450N, etc and still does not work. What is wrong with this?

Guys I still need help on this. I won’t be able to do my flight till this is fixed

Check the tutorial linked above. The way you are entering the coordinates in your post above this one will put coordinates in the northern hemisphere between Europe and America. Check the tutorial to input the coordinates in an appropriate way so they are in the correct place

I have watched that tutorial but it still doesn’t work. I think I need help from an expert now.

At the beginning and at the end of that what you enter in the search field needs to be a valid fix. No matter if it is a airport, a radionavigation aid, or a named waypoint.
To have the coordinates 12.34deg North and 56.78deg West in your flightplan you need to enter
EDDF 1234N/5678W CYUL
where EDDF and CYUL are random airports.

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