Unable to pushback

Hello all…
Is there a glitch that I’m not aware of?
I’ve been trying to pushback for the past 30mins and have been unable to do so.(all ground services have been disconnected also).
I’m at KMIA if that helps. I’ve seen a bunch of other aircraft pushing back with the tug and others have literally just pulled off right from the gate.
I’ve been trying to avoid that because the time have been somewhat stricter(being that I got a violation for 280kts at flight level 270 a few days back)
So is there something wrong? Can anyone help with this please?

Device: iPad
Operating system: ios16

It’s a been a bug for a little while. I’m sorry but your best bet is to either;

  • Reconnect then disconnect all vehicles
  • Quit and reload your flight

Sorry for the inconvenience :(

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Ive been trying that and it hasn’t worked 😫😫

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you can simply end flight and start again. it’s happened to me too :)

what aircraft?

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This happened to me qo just save your flight plan and reload

I assume you also have parking brake off before you hit pushback?

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