Unable to Push Back after Disconnecting Ground Services

I’ve encountered an issue twice when flying flights with more than one leg. After I’ve landed and have parked, I connect all ground services, but when I try to pushback for the second leg after disconnecting all ground services and turning the parking brake off, I still see the message that says I still need to disconnect ground services. I’ve tried waiting a few minutes at the gate before trying again, but am still unable to push back. This has happened on two instances: Once attempting a two-leg flight from KRDU-KATL-KBWI, and a second trying to fly from PHLI-PHNL-PHTO. Thank you for reviewing this issue.

Device: Samsung Galaxy S23
Operating system: Android 13

I believe it’s sadly an issue, you’d have to respawn in order for it to work.

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That’s what I’ve had to do both times.

If it happens again you’re gonna have to respawn sadly

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Does this happen with a certain aircraft or is it all aircraft? I’ve just tried to reproduce the issue, but can’t.

Both times I encountered it I was flying the 737. Happened on both 700 and 800 variants.

Just tried and I couldn’t reproduce the issue. It must be one of those bug that happen every so often.

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That, or it may just occur at certain gates. I’ll see if it happens again when I fly later today.

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