Unable to purchase new subscription

Hi all,
I’m trying to purchase a subscription but it fails straight away as soon as i select the cost in the Infinate Flight app.
I’m using Android and my account (grade 2) logs in ok.
I’ve cleared the cache, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and also changed bank cards on google pay, but nothing seems to be working.
There is also ample funds in my account to cover the subscription.
I know there has been server issues earlier so don’t know if this is part of that?


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The server is currently being restarted. I’m not sure if it has something to do with that but I would just hang tight and be patient. :)


Try restarting your device, or close the app and open it again

Yep, I’m still flying tho

I’ve tried that already with no success. :(

Ok, i’ll give it a few hours and try it a try again. Thanks for your message. :)


What happened?

By the way, make sure to read this General | Infinite Flight

Thanks for the link. I’ve read through this previously before posting here.
I’ve also tried making a new account on Infinate Flight and also getting the same issue when i go to subscribe.
I have tried purchasing other apps as a test and they work fine, so it’s not a fault with my google pay service.


Are you receiving any error besides the one shown in your screenshot? Any errors from Play Store?

No i haven’t received any other errors in Playstore.
It’s been working fine when I’ve purchased other apps. When i select the amount on the subscription part in Infinate flight it displays ‘purchase failed’ straight away (as per screen shot). It doesn’t give me any other options to authorise the payment.

Apps & subscriptions are two very different things in the stores own terms. One is a one-time purchase, the other is a time-based renewal. They are handled differently by the store :)

Have you changed Google account in the store recently?

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No I’m still using the same google account as previous when i use to subscribe to Infinate Flight.
The only thing i changed was adding another bank card to see if that made a difference, which it didn’t.

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