Unable to Pull Up

My flight began, DUS-AMS, and everything seemed normal. I had a 65% load in my 737-700, which is just below MLW. Flaps were at the 10° position as I thought this would give me enough lift. I taxied out to EDDL’s runway 05R and got takeoff clearance. When I reached rotation speed on the takeoff roll, of corse, I pulled up… Nothing happened. I just stuck to the concrete. This was at 150kts ground speed. I successfully managed an abort, with hardly any runway to spare. I went to a maintainance gate and ended the flight.

Pilot error or coding bug?

Device and Versions:

  • Apple iPad 4
  • iOS 9.3.1
  • No jailbreak
  • Valid Infinite Flight copy
  • latest version
  • Boeing 737-700 (KLM Livery)
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I would assume it was just a one time glitch, but if it keeps happening I don’t know…

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clearly it was the KLM livery :p lol jk jk
probably a one time glitch maybe you calibrated wrong… not enough trim?

I have accidentally pressed the V/S and/or ALT button right before takeoff, and that happened to me… Make sure that wasn’t the case :D

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Heppened also to me a few times…

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Definately not that. Thanks for coping with the incident, though.

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Someone had an issue where they couldn’t manually control their plane, this was the solution (they also had an iPad)

Reboot your device by holding down your power button and home button for about 5-10 seconds

I’ve had this before. It’s a one off thing. Just to make sure, I usually do a flight instruments check (elevator full up, full down, neutral. Rudder full left, full right, neutral, etc.) just to make sure that they are functioning, before I taxi to the runway.


Did you set your VS? as I tried this out to see if it works and sadly it doesnt?

hey Freddie, I saw that you got a solution already but i find myself having a very smooth takeoff in the 737 with 15 degree flaps 10% trim taking off at around 150kts. you dont have to pull back so hard either. try it and let me know what you think.

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