Unable to progress to GR 3

Hey everyone.
Sadly I got a level 3 violation 7 days ago but now I have paid my time. Im still unable to progress back to GR 3 I dont know why it still say I got the violation past seven days ago

Please can someone suggest what i should do.

From my understanding by now I should be back to GR 3

At the time when you got the violation is when you will be grade 3 today.

And that time has passed already

Did you restart your app?

It’s been mentioned a few times that sometimes if will take a little over 7 days for your grade to return. I’d just wait for a couple more hours or contact a moderator.

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Yep I even launched a quick flight in casual to see if I do a landing some thing would be change

Nope there isn’t

Ok just wait a couple hours as said by ItsBlitz.

Do you know where I can find moderators?

When do you get your violation? Here is the example:

06:28UTC I can get back to grade 3 in this time.

@moderators :)

@MKT You can shoot them a PM by sending to - @moderators .

It shows if you check the main post, 16:13Z

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πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… ohh thanks

Yeah its now past the 16:37 zulu

@MKT Please restart your app. I just refreshed your account stats

Problem solved. Im back at grade 3. Sorry for the bother


No worries! Have a great day!

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