Unable to post anything under the "Features" category.

The title basically says it. For some reason i can’t press the “New Topic” button when I’m under the Features category. I am currently using my ipad, I don’t know if that’s why. Though if it is, wouldn’t I then just be unable to post topics under all categories? Here are some pictures, where you can clearly see the difference between the “New Topic” buttons.


You can only post a topic in the features category if your a regular

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Actually you can post directly when you reach Member.

Well, how do I become a Regular?

Read this article, is updated.

Althought you can post when you’re member, read this article too.


Welcome to the Community, @AirbusDude. Since you’ve just joined the Forum your trust level is TL1 (Basic) and to post a topic in #features you need to be TL2 (Member) or above.


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Oh, well, thanks for the answers. I’ve only been here for 20 minutes, and I can allready say that this community is great! 😎😉😊☺️😋😌

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