Unable to play online

I went to play online and it says that I’m offline even though I’m online and my WIFI is perfectly fine. Here is what happens:

I have the latest infinite flight version, IOS 10, IPad Pro (2016) my iPad is not rooted nor jail broken, i have third party apps but i have not connected them to infinite flight. I have restarted the app and my device but it is still saying I’m offline.

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Have you done anything that has prompted you to get an XP reset such as flying out of region or using an innapropriate callsign? If not, delete the app and reinstall infinite flight, also try doing a reset of your modem or router. Good luck and tell us if it works!

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It doesn’t say your offline… it says your grade isn’t sufficient. Sure you’re on the right account?

I had this issue yesterday. Just a simple restart (or close and clear your app) will fix it ;)


I have never flown outside the region, I’d rather not delete the app and reinstall it because off my purchases…

You can restore all your purchases from within the app.


If you delete the app and reinstall it your purchases will still be there ;)



Actually it does say I’m offiline. I will delete the app and reinstall it and hope it works!


Try signing out and singing back in again

It’s all good! I restarted the app 3 times and I can play online now!