Unable to play live

I bought a Live+ Subscription, and it hasn’t taken away my money from my account yet. When I press play online it says I didn’t buy it and when I press buy it says I have insufficient funds. But I have $61, which is definetly more than enough. Please help me, as I was really looking forward to this. And I already did the normal stuff, restarting it etc. When I try to buy a subscription, it says I already have one, then when I press buy, it says I ave insufficient funds, but I actually have 60$.
Device: iPad Air 2
iOS: 10.0 beta
IF Version: Most recent

It works with iOS10 Beta. I’ve been using it for quite some time now without any issues.

Anyhow - if no money have been drawn from your account. You have your issue right there.
One thing that might be good to know though, is where you tried to purchase it? As IAP or via https://www.infinite-flight.com/?

As an In app purchase, not through the website.

I bought $50 worth of in app purchases with iOS 10 beta, and they turned out fine. However I did not buy live.


Yes, you have posted that 2 times now. But it works.

Sorry about that… I was having some issues with this and I tried sending the link the first time but that didn’t work so I tried sending it again and that just messed everything up. So anyways the last link is the one I was trying to send. Sorry if I confused any of you… :P

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It should work, did you received any confirmation that the purchase was made successfully?

No, I didn’t.

Tried restarting yet?

In that case, no purchase have been made. If you do it IAP, you should receive a pop-up confirmation in your device saying “Purchase successful” or something similar.

Maybe App store is in incorrect currency?

It’s ok guys, it’s working. Thanks for all the help!

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