Unable to open any frequency even when the frequency is available

Had to make a thread as this is getting pretty annoying:

I tried to occupy tower control on TS EGLL as the airspace status indicated that the position was vacant. Turns out when I’m in I couldn’t see the map with air traffic (I know this happens when another user takes the position first depending on internet connection, the other user ‘‘stole’’ the position). So I left knowing this. But the annoying thing is that after leaving the station still says ‘1’. That prevents from controlling approach/departure and only allows me to control one more station either another tower at another airport or ground…

I restarted IF and went back to see if it changed to ‘0’ but it still was 1. Other users would already have taken the approach/departure slot by then as you guys know EGLL is one busy airport.


Its a glitch that are present for long time.

Try to select airport and then go back to select your wanted airport

Argh then right now it just returned to ‘0’ stations. Now trying approach, same thing happens another user was faster than me. Left and it still shows ‘1’! Now I can’t control tower or ground.

Nope it doesn’t work. Still shows ‘1 stations’.

Hello! When you are open what server does it say you are on? You can find out by opening a frequency, go to the camera view, then go to the menu and it will display in menu in the top right which server you’re currently on.

Also, could you please provide a screenshot(s) of what you’re seeing so it’s easier to identify the problem.

This is on training server.

I wanted to control tower at EGLL. I checked airspace status whether tower frequency is occupied. Since it’s vacant and the app allows me to select tower (it says available in green), I selected it. After hitting the ‘Control’ button at the bottom right to bring me in-game, the “EGLL Tower - 118.50” tab doesn’t show anything (it’s supposed to show a map with all the aircraft tuned blue and untuned grey). To confirm that someone had “intercepted” my frequency, there’s the app voice clearing an aircraft to land which wasn’t made from me (so now I know tower frequency was occupied) and I had no choice but to leave.

Ok so that’s the backstory, the main annoying part comes. After I left, the EGLL Tower frequency should be unselected for me and the number of stations back to 0. Not only did it glitch, I was unable to deselct the tower frequency option by myself. Hence, this would prevent me from selecting an approach or departure frequency and would only allow me to select one other ground/tower frequency. I was annoyed by the fact that I was unable to select the EGLL Approach frequency when it was vacant. By the time the app regconised that I was no longer in-game, the approach frequency had already been occupied!

Yup, you stated that already. Can you please read back my original post, answer the question I had and provide a screenshot of the problem. Thanks!

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