Unable to map axis with PS4 Controller

Device: Samsung Galaxy S10 (SM-G973U1)
Operating system: Android 12

I’m running the free version of Infinite Flight, version 23.3.3, with my phone in DEX mode, and a PS4 controller. I want to map the left analog stick to the camera. For my attempt, I found the “CameraMoveHorizontal” setting under the “PS4 CONTROLLER” section of the Control setting panel. I can select that, then move the left analog stick left and right, and it functions as expected.

When I select the “CameraMoveVertical” setting and move the analog stick up and down, the movement is not detected. In fact, nothing changes on the screen indicating that I moved the stick. I expected that if I were to move the analog stick up and down after selecting “CameraMoveVertical”, that it would detect movement on that axis and assign the control appropriately.

If I instead assign the “CameraMoveHorizontal” and “CameraMoveVertical” settings to the right analog stick, everything behaves as expected. However, when I then subsequently try to assign Pitch and Roll to the left analog stick, I am faced with the same situation. The X axis is assigned as expected, but when I try to assign Pitch to the Y axis of the left stick, it doesn’t work.

Ideally, I’d like to fully control the camera with one of the sticks on my PS4 controller. In my testing, I have tried unassigning every control listed under the PS4 Controller section, however, even after doing so, I am unable to assign the Y axis on the left stick. Could this be a bug?

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