Unable to manually control aircraft

Hello I was trying to depart to JFK as Kuwait 117 and I noticed as I taxi I was unable to control the aircraft. I took off using the auto pilot and disconnected it to test the controls. As a result I felt very frustrated as my plane decended at 9000VS and I quit. Why did this happen and how to fix ?

did you calibrate your device before takeoff?

Yes multiple times. I restarted the app too. And I had experience this before. The only way it’s fixed if the device is restarted. I restarted my device and practiced on solo and the controls are back.

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When ur on the ground with AP off when u turn ur device do the yoke in the game turn? If it don’t I recommend going to ur setting and revert the control back to default

are you using a joystick or is it just your device?

No I had to use rudder to steer the plane and i calibrated it multiple times and nothing works. I restarted my device and launched the app again and it’s fixed

I use my device.

So the issue is solved ?

Yes it works now, the only way to fix this control issue is by restating the device

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Also did u disable auto coordination in the setting? if u disabled it the yoke can only be used for rotation and turning while flying

I have it enabled

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Thanks everyone!

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Good to hear! enjoy ur flight if ur flying:)