Unable to make In-App purchases on Android

Whenever i try to purchase live, it always says something like “the current version does not support in app purchases” (not exact text, but similar) I have all planes and maps and I don’t want to start all over. My infinite flight and Google Play Store is up to date. Any help? Thanks

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Can you try and reinstall Infinite Flight?

Thanks for contacting support!

First of all, please enlighten us as to your device make and model, and your current operating system version.

I would most certainly double check that both the play store and the IF app are up to date - you can do this by checking it manually in the playstore.

My main suggestion here though is to re-install the app and try again - that usually solves this type of thing.

Let me know if you need any further assisstance.

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My phone is a Samsung S8. It is running the latest version of Android, and everything is up to date, including Infinite Flight. I’ve already tried re-installing the game multiple times and the error still comes up. Please help.

Hey there, you may need the assistance of Tyler Shelton or Mark Denton. Just be patient and they will get to you as soon as they can.

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Taken to PM.