Unable to maintain Centerline utilising Rudder

Hello community,
I was recently landing the new A321 in LHBP, Hungary when I noticed, that I simply could not maintain the centerline with full rudder. Here’s a video: https://youtu.be/2OIDcwvvZ0Y

I hope that the problem(If it is one) can be solved.

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I would have used more reverse thrust. The slower you are, the more rudder authority you have. So, get slow as quickly as possible (Use 100% reverse).

Yeah, but shouldn’t it be possible to maintain the centerline shortly after touchdown?


You’re going too fast and are not correctly aligned with the runway when the nose gear hits the runway.

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Depends on many factors. Since your yoke position wasn’t visible, we aren’t sure how much aileron you were using (but the proper method would be to turn into the wind initially)

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When you land, it is best to land into the wind at ~140 knots in the A320 series.

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I thought that the Landing speed of the A321 (With 63% weight) was around 145 knots

Yes, but you can’t drop the nose at that speed when you’re not aligned with the runway.

Imagine if they did that IRL. That would be one hell of a ride for the pax.


I don’t see a problem with your horizontal alignment (You were within one dot the whole approach) but you were not on the rudder soon enough, or using enough of it. Use more rudder, bring the nose over the centerline and apply more reverse thrust

So I just have to hold the nose up until I allign it and then let it touch down?

Exactly. I know it’s not the easiest thing with the A320’s as the nose really wants to go down… but just pull back more, adjust your yaw and you should be good.

To add to this, you’re landing with a 13 knot tailwind… Adjust that for better results

And I think that if you do not arm the spoilers before touchdown it should be easier

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Yeah, I wasn’t looking too much for the wind. Bad mistake.

Yes, definitely. But you can learn how to avoid nose slamming even with your spoilers armed :)


Make use of a lot of trim so you have to put the nose gear down yourself, not let it free fall on touchdown

Thank you very much for the really fast help. Now, with some practice, I’ll be able to land better on the centerline. Thak you