Unable to login

Someone please help, does my Live+ subscription that will expire in May 2018 not qualify to upgrade to Pro?

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Yes it does. What’s the issue you’re experiencing?

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When I try to login I get the message “your account has no active subscription “

Please try to restart your device. There have been issues as the one you’re describing but most of them are solved now.

I tried it before it didn’t work. If I try again and it doesn’t work, where do I go from there.

You are sure that you’re signed in with the same account (Facebook/Google) as you’re Live account is connected to?

Yes. I done the restar, still can’t sign in. If I choose the 1 year subscription page will it solve the problem or will I be charged the amount.

You will be charged once again. So don’t do that.
What’s your callsign and display name? I need to check this with staff.

My Calle sign is ACE1 and my display name is BE SAFE

Try this… it might work… maybe

I have it just tells me I have no subscription.

Hmmmm… I don’t know what to tell ya then. But Keep trying

Cheers buddy, it’s so frustrating.

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Parking this until staff can have a look.