Unable to log into Infinite Flight through Facebook or Google

Hello everyone, Just purchased this game not but 30 minutes ago, long story short I tried to create and login it says no account has been associated with this Facebook or google account please create one on the next page. When the next page comes up there is nothing to tap on but a privacy policy. Has anyone experienced this problem before? I just paid money for the game and not even being able to login once is pathetic. I even uninstalled and tried again. What is the problem?

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Check this out:

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Can you provide a couple screenshots of what you do see, please?

My advice is to make sure the Google account is already logged in elsewhere on the device. Custom Tabs will automatically display the given email after you’ve scrolled through and agreed to the privacy policy. Sign into the account on Gmail as this will save it to your device. Otherwise, I’ll let someone else suggest something

@Starley Oooo that’s my thread. You can use it though.

@InfiniteJet On @Starley post, you should go to that link. I advise you use a different Google account. If you don’t have one make your own!

Hi all, I can’t even Login.
When i click to Login with Google, it signs up Automatically with a Google account that i don’t want.
How can I change this? I want to login with an another account, Thank you.

Delete/sign out of the account you don’t want, reset the game and log in with the account you want to log in with. After that you can add the other account you had logged out of.

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Thank you it has worked :D

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