Unable to link my Community account to Infinite Flight

Device: Ipad Pro 11” 3rd Gen
Operating system: iOS 15.4.1

I’m planning to do a long haul flight and then I noticed that my IFC account was unlinked and I’m trying to link it again and it said that my account is linked to another account in which it is not linked to another account. How do I fix this?


You linked it to an account with the following stats less than 1hr ago:


2hrs before that, you unlinked it, linked it, unlinked, linked it and then unliked it again before finally linking it the last time 1hr ago :)

I am not aware of that activity. Can you help me out and unlink my IFC account to that account? Thanks.

You’ll have to unlink it from the app yourself.

But, if you’re not aware of the activity… you may want to change your password and enable 2FA. Or have a talk with someone with IFPHG since the activity in question originates from the same area as you’re located in.

Found a workaround, you should be able to link it now.

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Thank you so much! I was able to link my IFC account to IF now.

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