Unable to link IF and Discord accounts

Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE
Operating system: Android 14

I’m not able to link my IF and Discord accounts (requested in the cadre of IFATC).

It switches to an embedded browser window (not the Discord app itself) where I’m already connected (my Discord username e2jk is visible in the screenshot).

I accept the requested permissions, the form is submitted and I get sent back to the IF app.

But when I check back in my account settings, the button still says to Connect my Discord account.

I’ve tried this half a dozen times (you know what they say about insanity ;) ) in the last 2 weeks, to the same result.

Could that be because my IF and Discord usernames are different?

This is not directly related to the username, you may be able to wait for official staff or moderators to help you…:)

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I tried from another device that also has both IF and Discord installed, and there it worked: after logging in and approving, I got sent back to IF that showed a “account linked” message.
Well, not sure this will help others, but at least it’s fixed for me…

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