Unable to land after go around ATC question

If there is a nasty crosswind and after a failed landing attempt resulting in a go-around, what is the procedure if the pilot would like to divert to another airport that is a bit calmer instead of trying the landing again?

In this case I WOULD try again to land one more time and if that doesn’t work go to the nearest airport that would fit my aircraft. I can be different for some people and pilots.

Closest airport with a long enough runway, or if you have enough extra fuel, divert to the nearest hub/focus city of the airline you are flying for.

Yes I understand but how exactly would I communicate this to ATC on infinite Flight?

Request departure to the direction the airport is at.
Atc will say for example “departure to the west is approved” then proceed to change frequency. And that’s it


Got it, thank you, @Sebastian9915! I want aware that was an option for us to ask tower. Glad to know now!


Definitely, even if you do pattern work and you’d like to finish your flight at another airport you simply request departure to the N/S/E/W

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If under approach or departure control, reset your Flight plan to have a destination the airport you want to go to. Afterwards, request Flight Following or RADAR vectors to that airport. ATC will then give you RADAR vectors or will say proceed on course.

Important: while resetting you FPL please insure you follow all instructions given as you are still bound to the missed approach procedures give by ATC.

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Wouldn’t me failing to land twice annoy the atc and make them think I am a troll purposely messing up?

No, and you won’t be ghosted for it. We understand that sometimes it doesn’t work out.

Nope, it happens, at a busy airport you end up at the back of the line but you’ll still get in. 4 times then we have a problem and will believe you are doing a pattern in which case you should ask for a touch and go so we know it isn’t a missed approach.


If there’s a 2nd failed attempt I’m going to another airport, that’s my policy lol

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