Unable to join the IF Discord

Hi guys

I recently joined the infinite flight discord and linked my accounts. however im not able to join the pro Chanels. I have waited 24 hours and tried Camerons trips on discord. can anyone help me out

Can i confirm you have IF pro?

I can Confirm I do have pro

Is you Infinite Flight account linked to your Discord account? You can check in the settings of the IF app.

Since you’ve already waited the suggested 24 hours and assuming that your IF account is linked to the Discord one, I’d recommend leaving the Discord server and then join back, that worked for me.

It is linked I have also unlinked and re linked and waited 24 hours

Already done

It appears that you have the incorrect discord account linked to IF. This is the account that is in the server but it doesn’t match what is in our user dashboard

The account you have linked is different than the account that is in our server. See the pictures above. They are different

Oh sorry is there anyway I can fix it

You will need to either log in with the correct account or join the discord on the account you have linked

Ok thank you

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