Unable to join Advanced ATC Server

I have 100% standing and have joined the Advanced ATC server plenty of times before, but trying today it tells me that I need 100% standing and then lists my standing as 100%.

I logged out of my account and back in again to no avail.

Any ideas?

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Try doing a short flight and landing on Playground then restart everything and try Adv ATC server. As long as there’s no new violations it’ll update your numbers.

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I tried this method! did a 20 minute clean flight (atc playground) and my stats are 18,000+ Xp and 100% standing and still i can’t access advanced atc

What grade are you?

How do I check that?

@Billy_Everton_Robins… Max Sez. Sound like you have accrued violations and have a 24 hour time out. When you attempt to join the Advance and a “grade” reduction message appears you screwed up and gotta just suck it up.

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I literally have no idea
(Yes I do know I’m trying to access atc)

@Billy_Everton_Robins… My bust Billey. Misread the topic. Though it was in flight mode problem. If you’ve passed the Advanced ATC testing you should have access. Suggest you contact the tester who administered your Advanced ATC Test.

You can’t gain access to the advanced sever ATC until taking the written and practical exams. Check here for obtaining that. IFATC Recruiting

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Cheers for the help guys