Unable To Import Replay (Files Not Appear)

This issue hasn’t been fixed since 23.2 update and no one inform about this yet.

My issue here, it happens when I try to import my replay from G Drive and it said “Imported Successfully” but did not appear on my replay list (a few tries).

I also check replay filter, set to all and replays only, still not appear import replay files. Reinstall app also didn’t fixed either, so I hope you guys this fix this probelm in hotfix soon!

Device: Vivo Y11
Operating system: Android 11

Well, reinstalling the app deletes all of your replays, so of course the replays will not show.

I already backup all my replay files to G Drives and when I try to put back all backup replay in the game, it didn’t appear in the list even in new update 23.3. That’s all I want to say

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