Unable to import flight plan from device

I am getting an error message when importing saved flight plans from my device. This issue first popped up after updating to 22.4, but it seems that the hotfix didnt solve the issue.

I tried on my phone, which is running the 22.4 hotfix update, and everything seems normal.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7:
Operating system: Android 12

How do you import the flight plan from

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From the tablets internal dtorage.

I press open flignt plan and go through the download folder where i have some flight plans saved

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Which application you use for making flight plan

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If you are making a flightplan for Infinite Flight, i would highly recommend using Simbrief FPL to IF website addon for simbrief. its a lot easier for making flightplans in the app and you can copy and paste the waypoints that are generated for the route you are taking

I will add a link below for you :)

Infinite Flight FPL Converter.

Enjoy and happy flying! :)

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Well, usually I use simbrief to get the flight plan. I don’t save the flight plan though, I copy and paste it to infinite flight to file the flight plan for my flight. So I have no problems with it.

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