Unable to get Updates

I might be a bit late getting out but since the new 3D building update I haven’t been able to get the update on my spare phone (Samsung A10) I’ve tried resetting it, reinstalling it and all that.
Does anyone know what the problem could be and how I could fix it?
Thanks in advance :)

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Hello! I believe the A10 runs a 32 bit version version of Android OS, while any 21.X update requires a 64 bit version. Unfortunately, the last update you can receive on your device is 20.3 (757 rework)

This post has more detailed information if you would like to look at it 🙂

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As far as I’m aware, it does run on a 32bit.

@Kirito_77 would you be of any help here 🙃

Only on versions 20.3 and sooner, 21.1+ require a 64 bit version of Android to run

Yes that is correct.

I might be of help, but if you look one message above yours you’ll see that @IF787 has already given a stellar answer that is spot on :)


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