Unable to get past the Home Screen in game

ISSUE: PLEASE READ THE WHOLE POST, DO NOT JUST RESPOND. Upon opening infinite flight for the past 3 days I have received a message that says this

Now I have pressed retry, I have deleted and re installed infinite flight about 6 times and I have restarted my devices 6+ times. It does not happen every time I open the app but I’d say I opened Infinite flight about 20 times in the last 3 days and out of those 20 times this has happened 17 - estimate not sure. This is quite frustrating.

I ask that someone with factual knowledge please respond and please do not just comment or re phrase what others have said. Thank you ☺️


Judging by the bar on the bottom I’m assuming this is an Apple device? Which one particularly?

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Iphone XR , sorry for not mentioning in the post.

No prob! I’ve got the XR too. What iOS are you running? Is it a beta?

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No its not the beta and im on software version 14.2. Thanks for helpin out :)

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No prob! This is quite odd, have you had any issues with other apps where you connect to a network? Such as Among Us, Minecraft realms, or similar games?

lol I agree, no not with any other apps and the only other games I play on my phone are NBA live and Madden. But all apps are functioning properly

Ok, have you tried the other servers and/or solo?

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oh this happens before I even am able to click anything. So like I click infinite flight I get to the home screen then that pops up its not like I select an aircraft and then press “fly” it happens before. Which is quite strange imo

You may have done this, but have you checked on your subscription?

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umm hmmm, My subscription is on a yearly renewal and it renews next in February.

Like I said in the past 3 days it has happened 17 out of 20 times opening the app - that is an approximation

Hmm 🤔 Did you check to see if IF is updated to the most recent version? The latest hotfix?

Yea IF is updated completely. (including the hotfix

I’m puzzled. How do you sign into your account? Google, Facebook, etc.?

um I have not signed into IF in years (cause its on auto signin ). Google tho

Try signing in an out of it on the IF app. Could need a “refresh”

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Okay sarg, I will try and report back

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Ok! I’ll try to help as much as I can

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Alrighty, I just tried 3 times. The first time I got in, the second I did not and the third I did. idk rly… maybe wait for seb in the morning

I appreciate all your help though! :) :)

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So we’re getting close! 😂 With your google account, go to your actual account page and see if you need to update anything such as security preferences

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