Unable to get onto expert server

Hi guys,
Unable to get onto the expert server for some reason. Can anybody help out? Does the fact I was ghosted (for very controversial reasons) mean I can’t access expert server for 7 days? Only thing I can think of

Just to add never been ghosted etc before so new to this situation, sorry if the answer is obvious :)

Yes, if you get ghosted, you can’t access the Expert Server for a week. Don’t worry, you will be back within no time.

Thanks for the reply :)

I’ve been trying to appeal it and also complain against the moderator who I found to be quiet rude and aggressive towards me. Not received a reply from the moderators involved in that including misha for quiet a while. Can you point me in the direction of anybody else who could help if possible? :)

Any of the mods will do.

Especally this one 👇