Unable to get back to grade 3

I got ghosted two weeks a go in expert server and now i’m still in grade 2 how do i get back to grade 3? i was flying in hawai region from PHNL to PHSF in a A330-200F my callsign was BLUESKY7 when i was ghosted. if someone could help me i would appreciate that.
many thanks


Your ghost is no longer a factor, as the 7 days has passed. Please share a picture of your grade table so we can better understand why you have not progressed in grade since? It is likely due to time or landings, but we’ll be happy to assist with more info.


To access table:

  1. Open Infinite Flight
  2. Tap your name in the top right corner of the main screen
  3. Select info icon next to “grade”


this is my grade info. Thank you

This was recently changed. Stay on topic please.


Thanks. I’ve checked your account and you were ghosted on 8/31 so this should be no factor. Have you completely closed and relaunched the app since then?

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Hello Sir!

And welcome to the Community.

If you restart Infinite Flight it should give you your Grade back if you have waited the required amount of time. If that doesn’t work try restarting your device.

Hope this helps :)

Yes i’ve restarted the app and my device and deleted it and downloaded it again

Okay, have you been able to retrieve your Grade?

No but thank you i tried it but it didn’t work

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Give me a moment to investigate from our end and I will return shortly. I will close this to avoid counter-productive comments but will return just as soon as I know more about any possible issues when the ghosting change was implemented last week. Thanks for your patience!


Will reopen with resolution ASAP.

Okay, may be an odd resolution but please do a quick flight on the Casual Server. Just long enough to gain XP and that should resolve it.

Please report back and let us know after. Laura has found the issue and will fix it over the weekend, but this should work for now. Thanks!


Thank you. It workt👨‍✈️👍