Unable to get account statistics

This is happening again. I did re download it and nothing happened. Also my internet is just fine.

Hi there. This is a known issue and will be resolved soon. Thanks!

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Don’t worry about this as @Z-Tube said this is being fixed and should not be a long time before the servers are back up


Yep this is a know issue right now and I’m sure this will be fixed very soon, let’s all stay patient until then! 😀

I would wait until here is some sort of announcement to retry, so you don’t have to constantly check.

No don’t just blindly retry, that isn’t going to help any infrastructure recover from the stampeding horde which it suddenly found itself dealing with… Have some patience.

Same thing is happening to me right now.

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@FlightisticYT This is a know issue right now don’t worry read above. 😀

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Hey everyone this is happening to most people don’t worry the devs are working to get this fixed as @Z-Tube said