Unable to get access to Global server

Can u guys tell me why is this happening?
I have no idea.

The system is asking you to check your internet connection. It is possible that you do not have a strong internet connection so maybe try the following steps.

  • Reset your router.
  • Sit close or beside router

Usually, a simple ralunch of the app should fix it. Have you tried it yet?

If you use cell data, try to turn on the Airplane mode for few minutes then disable it and turn on the cell data again, it is similar restarting your network

Edit: Ok, i thought you’re was using cellular data

I did my friend but its still showing same thing…I restarted the router restarted my phone uninstalled and installed IF.
But no luck.

My WiFi signal Is strong
Check the upper right hand corner

Sometimes you have good signal but the internet itself isn’t that “strong” per say. Maybe try doing what @Starley told you and if it doesn’t work try resetting your router. I have had full bars but still horrible internet before.

I switched on and off my router a couple of time …but now if my dad catches me doing it again I am done for…


What happens if you turn WiFi off on your device and make an attempt on cellular?

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I didn’t pay for cellular data.

Could you try resetting your network settings? If you want to know how to do it, then please tell me what device you are using.

I don’t have any net package on my phone all I use is WiFi.

Yes deceive specs.
Model:Redmi Note 4
Storage:64 GB
MIUI Version:MIUI global stable 1.5

Try these steps: Settings -> More -> Network settings reset
After you have done that, try accessing the servers again.


This is all I have in more option:

Thanks a lot @Starley Starley your idea has seemed to work , thanks a lot to others who replied and came to my instant help.
Mods you can now close This topic.

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