Unable to get a FPL into LTFM

Hello when I try using FPLtoIF for a flight into LTFM it says “Fatal error unknown arrival airport” can someone please help. I’m using Simbreif, Many thanks!

Also please let me know if this is the wrong category, Thanks!


LTFM is a rather new airport. The problem you have when using the free version of Simbrief is that you only get access to an old AIRAC cycle. The AIRAC cycle is (easy described) the database with all the airports, waypoints etc.

As Simbrief only provides you with an old cycle, it doesn’t include the new LTFM yet. Therefore, you can’t create a FPL from or to this airport. Another example that doesn’t work is the new airport in China.

You would need a Navigraph subscription to always get access to the most recent AIRAC cycle.

All the best!


Thank you for your excellent answer Marc! I understand now, Thanks!

What flight plan do you need @CaptainBarney (what’s your departure airport)?

U can use Flightaware and copy the website link and post it on the thing u use for the regular flights and u get the flight plan sorry if I am vague I am in school I will pm u later

Try do to that with this flight plan, but it doesn’t work :-(

Under “Flight Data” there is no route listed, that’s why it isn’t working.

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Got it, thanks a lot!!!

@Marc solved it in the 1st post.

If you know someone with a Navigraph sub, they can also give you an access code that you can use with SimBrief for free.

Since I have no subscription, I would put LTBA still, and just do slight changes to make it work

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Yes, and just use RW charts to make those adjustments, if you want a realistic plan.

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