Unable to fly with purchase aircraft

I recently switched my phone to note 8, and when I entered the game and wanted to fly with my purchase aircraft, they gave the option of purchase again and all other downloaded aircraft’s except Cessna was available. How can i get them back any help would be appreciated. In case the infinite flight help team want to get in touch with me for helping me out,.

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May we know which device did you have before you moved to Note 8?

If you were on iOS before moving to android, I am afraid you will not be able to transfer the purchases across. The IAPs (in-app purchases) such as regions and aircraft are handled by their respective app stores and cannot be transferred. Any existing valid live or live+ subscriptions, however, can be transferred across.

If you were on android on your previous device, make sure you have logged in to the play store with the same account as on your old device, and then tap on the orange aircraft and it should say you already own them.

Thanks, John

Unless he has Live+ ;)

@Levet I got that covered ;)

@Syed_Mubarak_Abbas it is also advisable not to publicly release your email - if necessary, a moderator will DM you or you can contact support@infinite-flight.com

Thank you for contacting support.

Unfortunately purchases made through the App Store or Google PlayStore do not transfer to the opposing App Store, whether Apple or Android. Each App Store has control over their own purchases, not allowing them to be honored by the opposite store, much like a game for Xbox would not be recognized by PlayStation.

That being said, if you do have a Live or Live+ subscription currently it will transfer that to your new account simply by logging in via Facebook or Google depending on which you used on your previous device. Those with Live+ will also have all regions and aircraft transferred because those items are part of the Live+ subscription.

Important Note: Aircraft and Regions will not transfer between different operating systems. Only those with the Live+ subscription will have access to all IAPs for the duration of their subscription regardless of operating system.

Thank you for allowing me to assist you today and we apologize for any inconvenience.


@Syed_Mubarak_Abbas I edited out your email address, not usually a good idea to share personal contact information like that publicly :)


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