Unable to fly realistically

I’m unable to find a route with an aircraft an livery which we have in IF from any of the FNF airports. Can someone help me find a route which is max 2 hours long?

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Of course:

  • Accra - Lagos
  • Abuja - Lagos

Each one with the Arik Air 737-800.


Is it done that way IRL?

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Yes. Arik Air uses another plane on the Accra route though, but Abuja (DNAA) to Lagos (DNMM) is being operated by a Boeing 737.


IRL, Atik Air flies 5 time a day on the Abuja to Lagos route and wise-verse with their 737-800.

These flights are made in real life by Atik Air with their 737’s: W3710, W3720, W3724, W3726 & W3735


Can you show me that?

Why should I post the answer to his question in another topic? 😉

This isn’t a FR24 finding but proof of the existence of the specific flight he asked for. Everything alright.


Funny how you don’t trust me on facts… hmm. Well check below, since you need proof.


Those flights are all with the 737-700

Here. On February 22th, 2019 they used a 737-800. Now it should be realistic enough.


The why don’t you try to give it a search and see what you can find on your own on FR24.

Pick a destination you want to fly to that is within the 2hr mark that you are searching for and I’m sure you’ll find something that suits your preference and needs.

Also check out this 737-800 and choose one it flights it had done in the past few days and weeks 👇

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You could always just fly VFR in a GA aircraft if you can’t find a route… ;)


Yep, I think i’ll do that

Or, I have one last suggestion.

Cargo. There are lots of cool flights with Cargo aircraft such as the Turkish A332 which flew from Istanbul to Lagos, and Lagos to Dakar. Or, I found some flights with the Ethiopian 77L from Accra to Lagos to Addis Ababa.

Just something I thought I’d point out :)

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