Unable to fly over North Pole because of a bug

This is ridiculous, I got 6 overspeed system violations because there’s a ‘black hole’ aka a bug in the north pole on ES. My callsign was Boeing 787. I flew from KJFK - YPPH and my FPL crosses over the northernmost point of the map. I know this is something that mods can’t reverse. I wasn’t monitoring my flight at that time. I created this thread to warn others and also to alert mods to fix this issue. Don’t fly over or near the poles guys!

Now I’m Grade 1, my IF reputation is ruined. I have lesser chance of getting accepted into VAs, all because of a silly bug…Casual server here I come!!!

Proof that I actually got 6 violations

Blue line is the route of my aircraft. As Earth is a sphere, I presume the line indicates that my aircraft spiraled down and ultimately crashed.

Proof that I actually flew towards the North Pole. (Pretty useless but yeah, for your viewing pleasure)

My FPL, you can trace it and and verify that it crosses the northernmost point of the map.

Note: Please if you’re going to say I have never encountered such an issue before/There’s no bug it’s pilot error please go ahead and use my FPL to verify your claim. Your reply is not going to help and it will just make me more sad.

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Have you tried:

  1. Clearing your scenery cache?

  2. Closing all apps running in the background?

  3. Uninstalling then reinstalling IF

  4. Restarting your device?

What were your speeds? You can still get a vio at cruising

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  1. Done it a few days ago.
  2. Yes
  3. I don’t see a need for that as all my other flights have no issue
  4. Same as reason 3 I still think it’s an IF bug. If you’re right that my flight crashed because of these 4 reasons I would have much more violations as my other flights would have the same issues as well, which they don’t.

M 0.82 before this happened. Unfortunately, I wasn’t monitoring my device so I wouldn’t know when the violations kicked in, when I knew that it had some problem I crashed.

I am sorry for your loss. I will also try to recreate in solo and post results as soon as i can (if my device goes perfectly). I know i will not recieve violations but if you did crash & were not present, i can try to see if mine fails in some way as well.

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Check this topic out. A user had a similar experience to you. This might be something worth sending to the DEVS. Check out the topic I linked above for possible solutions.


By me!? Lmao i forgot this!!!


Upon review of my previous record i believe i only recieved one violation from this prior, although i did encounter problems exactly as the black whole and i think i do remember my flight disengaging auto pilot but i was running it on a second device as well as with IFASSISTANT & also heard the autopilot disengauge. Another fact would be we were on opposite sides of the world while these flight plans caused practically the same issue.

Yes I agree the map thinks you kinda ‘teleported’ to the other side of the world when in reality you’ve just flown over the point. I guess you have to be somewhat near (unspecified) the north point for this to happen. Just make sure when you view your FPL in LiveFlight it doesn’t touch the grey border and a curve can be seen. Mine touched the grey border and didn’t form a curve and the FPL dotted lines weren’t connected so yeah.

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As well as back then i believed my app had crashed while you were able to recreate this issue…
Continuing the discussion from North pole issue?:

…and unfortunately with voilations, mine was kinda shoved off upon alittle bad explaining on my part of not watching when it entered this “black whole”. Hopefully with this also being recreated with you we may be alittle closer to finding a way to fix this issue in the future. Just curious; what device are you running?

Hey @anon91707592!

Don’t worry about the violations.
And we’re investigating this now. Your NAV basically went nuts when you graced the true north.