unable to find way points in Atlantic ocean

I like simbrief for my flight plans but when I want to fly across the Atlantic its a little frustrating. I don’t know how to find the waypoints mentioned. Can someone help?

Some waypoints are missing in the sim, you can use Coordinates though :)


There will be many people to assist with using coordinates By the way @sabine, ah, that’s a great topic Chief put up, have a look on how to convert those points to coordinates.

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Like Chief said, there are waypoints missing. I would have backup waypoints that are as good use as the ones that are missing.


Yes as there are only so many people on The Navqgation team we are working hard to find missing waypoints and edit them. Unfortunately the website that allows us to do this is down but will hopefully be back soon.


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How can I learn to use coordinates. Is there a tutorial I can watch?

Yes there is, I just linked them above please check it out :).

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Use that tutorial above, 👍

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You can easily look them up and get there lay and long. Or use a nearby WPT.

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Thank you all very much. Your help is very much appreciated.

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No problem, any further questions feel free to head over to my profile and PM me and I would be glad to help you. Have a great rest of your night,


Also if you would dm me or say on this thread the WPTS that we’re missing I Will defintly add them in once our website is back up.

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